5 Inch Gauge Well Wagon

This 5" Gauge well wagon is the ideal companion for your loco.

Weltrol wagons (short for Well Trolley) were a regular sight on the main line up to the seventies. Often known by the snappy code name "Crocodile", the Weltrols were designed to carry large or odd shaped loads that were beyond the capabilities of regular rolling stock. The bolster bogies at each end and the well side frames supported the load. The floor in the well provided security against any parts falling onto the track bed.

The low level of this wagon makes it ideal for use in raised driving, or it could be modified to carry faux loads that double as seating. The possibilities are endless.


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  • 5 Inch Gauge Well Wagon
  • 5 Inch Gauge Well Wagon
  • 5 Inch Gauge Well Wagon

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