5 Inch Gauge EM Baldwin


E.M.Baldwin narrow gauge diesel loco

These engines were constructed by EM Baldwin and sons of Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia.

The company supplied smaller locomotives for industry from the 1950's to the 1980's. Designs included shunting, mining and tunnel locomotives but the most common surviving engines were built for the Queensland sugar industry. At this time the extensive 2ft gauge lines were changing from steam to diesel traction. EM Baldwin built a large number of the replacement diesels to a continuously evolving design, to the extend that there are hardly two alike. Engines and gearboxes varied depending on power requirements and suppliers delivery dates etc.

The usual sugar industry livery was bright yellow with red and white striped buffer beams, many enjoyed further enhancement with coloured stripes and panels giving the modeller many opportunities to customise the standard colour scheme.

Many of these engines are still hard at work in the cane cutting season, and form the backbone of the largest surviving 2ft gauge industrial railway system in the world.

Our model offers a wealth of detail surrounding a solid steel body and chassis, the 24v control system, 2 batteries and 8 motors make it a powerful yet easy to handle single handedly when broken down into chassis, body and batteries. Options available for this model are sound system, smoke machine, hand held or radio controlled.

Painted Kit complete £1995.00

Ready to run £2350.00


PRICE: £1995


    Length 971mm

    Width 327mm

    Height 474mm

    Weight TBA

    Motors 8 x 60 watt motors

    Batteries Two 12 volt batteries (038) working at 24 volts

    Features: Gear drive, Electronic controller with remote hand set, Battery condition LED, Horn, LED lighting set, Fully detailed all steel body.

    Load  eight adults on level track

    Speed 6 mph running, 8 mph max.

  • 5 Inch Gauge EM Baldwin
  • 5 Inch Gauge EM Baldwin
  • 5 Inch Gauge EM Baldwin
  • 5 Inch Gauge EM Baldwin
  • 5 Inch Gauge EM Baldwin
  • 5 Inch Gauge EM Baldwin
  • 5 Inch Gauge EM Baldwin

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